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Introduction to Logica

Logica has spent the past 14 years working and perfecting our backend software to provide you with the most accurate freight bill audit and robust, feature-full, and useful analytics of your shipping data. These tools will save you valuable time and lower your shipping costs, guaranteed. We welcome you to the most important information directly at your fingertips.

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Freight Bill Audit

Need to know instantly the most recent news with your freight audit? Simply log in, look and know! Discover how many packages are classified as exceptions, late, on time, etc... You will be thrilled at all the instant information we will show with your audit. We understand the value of quick and correct information. Follow your audit progress, view analytics, make sound decisions.

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EDI Data Warehouse

Tired of pouring over all of those thousands of papers and invoices looking for a particular shipment? Look no more. Search, filter and browse all packages with the click of a button. See the net due, how much Logica saved you and all of the invoices details. Still need a paper copy? Done, you can either export the data and/or print out an invoice for your accounting team.

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Track Savings

One of the biggest questions we receive is, "How much have we saved?" With our customized "Value Bank" you have instant information to your yearly audit savings, optimization and soft-dollar savings associated with your Logica partnership.

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Simply put... these are stunning. Visualize all of your data, invoices and shipments. Compare them to years previous. Discover which carriers are costing you extra. View your ship day history, shipment mix, service mix summary... the list goes on and on. Suffice it to say you and your team will greatly appreciate and love the analytics you will have at your disposal.

Trends Icon


In addition to the analytics, view all of your shipment trends on a single page. Consider this an incredible budgeting tool for your logistics spend. Be able to track all late or lost claims on a daily basis. Our trending graphs help you make the key decisions quickly and with solid information.

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GL Coding

Does your company use GL Codes to allocate shipping expenses or costs? No problem. We have built an amazing GL Code manager to help direct shipments towards their respective cost-centers. An incredible tool if you use it. If not, no worries. Just know it's there for your team to use at all times.

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One of the biggest features of Logica's system. This is reporting at its absolute best! Preview reports before running them, download them in various formats, browse our most popular reports. Use these reports to guide your team into making the most sound financial decisions ever. Remember, it's our goal to make you and your team look good, work more efficiently and reduce your costs.

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Ad Hoc

Do you have your own workflow or custom processes when managing your data? Not a problem! We understand every company is unique. Our Ad-Hoc system allows you to export any and/or your data we receive from your carriers at any time. It's always there, always safe and secure. You can even filter out certain elements you don't need.

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